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Once your little one is between ages 18 to 24 months, you can start potty training to help them learn how to use a toilet or a potty chair by themselves. While it can be a challenging process at first, it will help your child become more independent and confident and free you from endless diaper changes. In our UAE edit we have curated fun, easy-to-use and safe products that will make this journey a little less daunting. My Carry Potty offers trainer seats and step stools to encourage the transition. They are decorated with adorable character designs and made to be secure and comfortable for your growing child. Those looking for a potty chair instead can look at Babybjorn’s sleek options. It comes in soft colours and is designed with soft contours, a high backrest and comfortable armrests. The inner potty is also easy to remove and clean. Another fun way to motivate your child for potty training is using Bart’s Potty Training Tabs. They capture children’s attention by changing colours and producing a variety of sounds when they wee or poo on it.
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